The Wayzata Lake Effect Conservancy is a newly established nonprofit created specifically to advocate and raise private philanthropic funds to support construction of the Lake Effect Park project.

About Lake Effect Park

Designed by award winning Denver-based landscape and urban design firm Civitas, the Lake Effect Park is a proposed new park along Wayzata’s lakefront. It will reconnect residents to one of Wayzata’s greatest assets and identity, Lake Minnetonka.

Lake Effect Park will provide a vastly improved lakefront that will be more ecologically healthy, more beautiful, and more accessible for Wayzata residents. People will be able to stroll, sit, or put their toes in the water along the shoreline. For the first time in 100 years, people will be able to safely cross the railroad tracks and walk the length of the downtown lakefront. The park’s benefits go beyond the human experience: the lakeshore will be restored to its natural condition and the quality of rainwater that flows into the lake will be improved.